If you are anything like us, your favorite guilty pleasure comes in the form of a sweet or chocolately Belgian spread. Whether it’s the Blondie, Brunette, Noir, Noisella or Speculoos, they all satisfy in their own special way!

We admit that it can be all too tempting to slather it on toast for some instant satisfaction, but the versatility of these spreads shouldn’t be ignored. Expand your horizons and try these 10 delicious ways to eat a Le Pain Quotidien spread.

Ps. You can find all of our delicious spreads in stores or on our Online Pantry!

  1. Spread it on a baguette. This may be obvious to an aficionado, but a crunchy baguette paired with one of our spreads is one deliciously simple way to savor the creamy goodness.
  2. Pair with berries. Strawberries and Blondie make the perfect pair. Or, here’s a clever idea: fill raspberries with a bit of spread for a pop of sweetness.
  3. Make icing. Ice a cake, a cookie, a cupcake – you name it! Just heat up one of our chocolate spreads in a saucepan on low heat and stir in heavy cream to taste.
  4. Make a cookie sandwich. Two cookies + Speculoos spread = heaven. In fact, we have perfected our very own cookie sandwich using our Speculoos spread: the Devil’s Chocolate Speculoos Cookie! Find the recipe here.
  5. Grill a banana (and fill it with chocolate spread). Heat up your grill and slice an unpeeled banana down the middle, making a small trough. Grill it until the peel begins to darken, then fill it with your favorite spread. The flavor combination will not disappoint.
  6. Make Noisella crêpes. Why not try our Crêpes je t’aime recipe and replace the fruit compote with Noisella and some banana slices?
  7. Pair with dried fruit slices. For a snack on the run, dip dried fruit wedges like mango, apple or even apricot in your favorite spread.
  8. Eat it on a rice cake. Slightly more guilt-free, our Noir spread paired with a rice cake is the perfect snack for vegans with a sweet tooth.
  9. Add a dollop to your coffee. For a touch of winter spices, add a teaspoon of Speculoos spread to your coffee, stir and enjoy.
  10. Straight from the spoon. If all else fails, this method is always guaranteed to hit the spot.

What are your favorite ways to eat our spreads? Share your tips in the comments below!