We can’t wait to share everything we have in store for guests this year. After all, 2015 was a year of many milestones!

As we look ahead, we’re taking a moment to reminisce back on our top ten proudest accomplishments.

2015 Recap - Bryant Park Kiosk.PNG

Photo via Instagram @santoshdash1

10. Bryant Park Kiosk 

This summer we opened our Bryant Park kiosk – and debuted a special menu along with it! While there were delicious new salads and toasts, we had a blast experimenting with items that – although New York staples – were brand new to our menu, like Brooklyn hot dogs and grilled sausages.

85 Broad - Daily Blends

9. Daily Blends 

Lazy summer afternoons aside, 2015 was a busy year. On those busier days, we were happy to reach for our new grab-and-go Daily Blends – fresh fruit cups made into quick, energizing smoothies on the spot. Ahhh.

Dinner Menu - Main

8. Dinner Menu Debut

True to our belief in food as an experience to be savored, we ushered in a whole new dining experience with our dinner menu. As winter wears on, you can bet we’ll be cozying up to these hot dishes and relaxing around the table with cocktails in hand!

Via Instagram @mollytavoletti

Via Instagram @mollytavoletti

7. French Cream Donut Comeback

You asked, and we answered. Now that it’s back, no morning (or list!) would be complete without a fluffy French cream donut – not to mention a close-up of one on your Instagram feed à la @mollytavoletti.

Gluten Free Bread

6. Gluten-Free Bread Launch

After launching our gluten-free bread in NY, we were thrilled to hear guests’ praise for our bakery’s newest staple. These tasty loaves are here to stay – and now available for all United States guests to enjoy.

85 Broad

5. Record Openings, New Flagship 

We’re so fortunate to have welcomed a record 11 stateside restaurants this year – 11 opportunities to serve 11 new communities. And, we’ve especially enjoyed hosting guests in our new 85 Broad Street flagship, a space that has let us dive into historical heritage and new menu twists alike.

2015 Recap - App

4. LPQ App 

Of course, one of our greatest pleasures is treating our guests. We found our most innovative means yet for doing that – a mobile rewards app. Bon app – étit!

FEED Recap

3. FEED Supper Series

We knew when we signed on to host a FEED supper series that we were contributing to a great organization. What we didn’t expect was the impact our series would have – from the 400 guests we hosted across five cities, to the 250,000 meals we raised for children and families in need. Our year wouldn’t be complete without giving back to the community, and we’re thrilled to have had our efforts pay off in such a big way (and thanks to all your help!).

Carbon Neutral

2. CO2 Neutrality

As of 2015, over 40 of our New York and Connecticut restaurants are totally carbon neutral. While this is no small feat, it’s still just the beginning to our larger goal of going carbon neutral nationally – and one day, internationally! We’re proud of the progress we made and excited to continue building a greener world in the year – and years – ahead.

25 Years

1. 25th Anniversary

Of course, we also celebrated a very special birthday this year – our twenty-fifth anniversary! That’s twenty-five years of wholesome, delicious food and gathering communities around our tables. We look forward to the next twenty-five years, with 2016 being just the start.


Reflecting on these victories motivates us to have our best year yet. We thank you for being a part of our past – and look forward to having you be part of our future!