With cooler weather and changing leaves around the corner, we’re getting excited about all the new ingredients and flavors that autumn has in store! In celebration of the changing seasons, we’re sharing the 3 fall food trends we’re looking forward to most.

Warm Grains:

Grains have been having a moment with the meteoric rise of quinoa over the past few years, but we happen to think that variety is the spice of life! This fall, we’re mixing this miracle grain with farro – a hearty hulled wheat grain that adds a great texture and nutty flavor to the grain bowls that we love for autumn.

Farro is delicious when paired with earthy, peppery fennel and arugula (see the menu for our FEED Supper Series for proof). Tossed with greens, warm grains also make a perfect base for an inspired fall salad. You can look forward to our Warm Autumn Grain Bowl on our fall seasonal menu paired with butternut squash, spiced pecans and roasted Brussels sprouts!

Want to add something new to your morning rotation? Farro might not be the first grain that comes to mind when you’re thinking breakfast, but try giving everyday oatmeal a break this autumn. We’re doing just that by adding cranberries, maple syrup and nuts to our farro-based Harvest Porridge. Trust us on this one – it’s a subtly sweet and power-packed way to start your fall days.

Harvest Porridge

Photo by @breakfastcriminals


This fall, we want Speculoos on everything, all the time. Speculoos is a spiced shortbread cookie with a distinctive flavor that lends itself perfectly to all kinds of sweet, indulgent treats. We love it as a spread on everything from toast to fruit (or, let’s be honest, a spoon).

Our chefs here at Le Pain Quotidien have taken the Speculoos obsession a step further, and you can find an awe-inspiring Speculoos Tiramisu on both our FEED Supper and fall seasonal menus (and, if you’re ambitious, find the recipe from our cookbook here!). You can even get your fix in coffee form with decadent a Speculoos latte that’s easy to make at home. We promise that once you try it, you’ll be dreaming about new ways to eat it, too.

Speculoos Jar


Toast has always been a trend on the breakfast scene, but these days, we’re seeing it everywhere, and it’s not staying confined to the breakfast table! Why? Bread is the ultimate canvas for culinary creativity, and toast can be whipped up in no time at all, making it a cinch to squeeze into a busy morning or evening routine. It’s safe to say we’ve completely fallen for toast – we’re always dreaming up new ideas in our own kitchens!

For our FEED Supper Series, we’re topping toast with ingredients like prosciutto & honey and hummus & artichoke for an impressive-looking appetizer that is deceptively effortless to make. With so many options to make toast work for any time or occasion, we’ll be stocking up on bread, spreads and toppings all autumn long!

Almond Butter Toast


What fall food are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments!

Cover photo by @breakfastcriminals