Valentine’s Day is this weekend – got any plans? Whether you’re spending the day with your S.O. or with your BFF, take the opportunity to do something sweet for someone you love. Fresh out of inspiration? We’ve got you covered.

Send a homemade Valentine

Valentines Day crafting

Anyone who says Valentine exchanges are just for elementary school kids does not know the true joy of receiving mail! In this digital age, a handwritten note really goes a long way. Break out the scissors and construction paper and get crafty!

Don’t have the time or crafting skills? Download one of these 3 cards from our talented graphic designers!

1) [“I wheely like you“]

2) [“You’re the best thing since sliced bread“]

3) [“Words cannot espresso my love for you“]

Also, here’s an idea: send some love to someone who could use a smile. We love this program where you make Valentine’s Day cards to brighten a senior citizen’s day.


Valentines Day Chocolate

Is the way to their heart chocolate and only chocolate? Say “I love you” with some organic praline chocolates that are *so* much better than your average box of chocolate. Just add a card (see above)!

Gift an activity

Bakery Classes

While the standard chocolates + flowers routine can grow a little tired for some on Valentine’s Day, gifting an experience that can be shared never fails to excite.

Why not take your valentine to a fun workshop or class that you can both enjoy? We offer baking classes in New York and now DC, Northern Virginia and Philadelphia!

For our NYC-based friends, try out this Chocolate Treats class at our Bleecker Street Bakery on Valentine’s Day!

Make an amazing homemade meal

Strawberry Chocolate Galette

Valentine’s Day is on a Sunday this year – take advantage of the day-off and make a delicious meal! If brunch or even breakfast-in-bed is your style, give these Liège-style waffles or gluten-free banana pancakes a whirl.

If you’re the sleeping-in type, opt for a special baked treat like this strawberry & chocolate galette or a decadent dessert like speculoos tiramisu. Nothing says love better than a home-cooked meal!

Happy Valentine’s Day!