At Le Pain Quotidien, we love any excuse to get into the kitchen with friends and family, so the holidays present an especially exciting time with so many treats ready for the making! With Hanukkah here and lasting through December 24, there’s plenty of time to get creative with your latkes. Read on for 5 delicious ideas!

1. Go Savory

While it’s common to add sweet toppings—like applesauce—to potato latkes, try serving them up as a savory side dish instead! Serve topped with your favorite savory spread – from organic sundried tomatoes, to whole artichoke hearts, to black olives.

2. Breakfast Twist

Swap out your usual waffles or French toast for potato pancakes drizzled in syrup. Fruit based syrup—like our Sirop de Liège, a date pear apple confection—will add sweetness to starchy pancakes!

3. For Jam Lovers…

If you enjoy the jelly-filled sufganiyot doughnuts that are also eaten around the holiday, chances are you’ll enjoy jelly topped latkes as well! A dollop of your favorite jam or fruit spread is all you need for this sweet treat.

4. …And Chocolate Lovers

If chocolate gelt is your favorite Hanukkah treat, why not add chocolate to your latkes? Try making sweet potato based pancakes, and serve topped with Noisella, Speculoos or Blondie white chocolate spread for a fresh, even sweeter take on classic potato pancakes. For those with more adventurous palettes, try making zucchini based pancakes—then top with our Noir dark chocolate spread!

5. Keep It Classic

While it’s fun to get creative in the kitchen, sometimes you can’t beat a classic. Try incorporating chopped apple into your potato latkes, and finish with drizzled honey.

What treats are you celebrating the Festival of Lights with this year? Tell us in the comments! And, visit your local LPQ for even more festive treats.

Photo via Flickr, Meal Makeover Moms