Setting your table for Thanksgiving is kind of like a puzzle—between the turkey, side dishes and desserts, there’s hardly room to decorate. Still, it’s important to create a tablescape worthy of your dishes. For our top five tips for decorating your Thanksgiving table, check out our list below!

1. Go “au naturel”

Why not take advantage of natural fall elements? Flowers are one way of adding a pop of color to your table. Try setting them in crystal vases—the vases will sparkle when the light hits. Or, scatter pumpkins and gourds along your table. If you’re feeling ambitious, paint them a shimmering gold shade for extra holiday sparkle!

Thanksgiving tablescape flowers

2. Dim The Lights

Controlling how your dining room is lit will let you set the tone for the meal. Warm lighting makes for a warm, cozy environment—perfect for a meal that brings family and friends together! Flick off harsh overhead lights and turn on smaller lights to create an intimate feel. Candles also act as both decoration and lighting—try scattering some along your table, or set candlesticks in decorative holders.

Thanksgiving tablescape - lighting

3. Pick a Palette

Deep reds, burnt oranges, golden yellows—fall is associated with a plethora of rich colors. Pick a color (or two), and incorporate it into your table with cloth napkins, a table runner or a tablecloth! Or simply let your centerpieces bring warmth to your table.

Thanksgiving tablescape palette

4. Pay Attention To Details

After putting so much effort into preparing your Thanksgiving meal, you don’t want your table to look as though it were thrown together at the last minute. Just like you plan your menu ahead of time, give yourself time to envision your ideal table—then set it that way! Tying ribbon around vases, twine bows around silverware rolls and polishing silver are all small accents that show you take pride in your table. The key to an elegant table is in the details, so pay attention!

Thanksgiving tablescape - details

5. Let The Food Steal The Show

Say you cooked up a storm, and truly have no room for additional centerpieces. Not to worry—your dishes are sure to be spectacles in themselves! Do your food justice by presenting it elegantly. Take advantage of the occasion to dust off finer china, and get creative with how you plate your food. Arrange bread or hors d’oeuvres in patterns rather than just tossing on platters; garnish dishes with flower, fruit or veggie accents. You worked hard preparing the meal—show your pride by serving dishes with a flourish!

Thanksgiving tablescape food

Are you all set with the tablescape, but still wondering what to serve? Be sure to check “pie” off your to-do list by pre-ordering an Apple, Pecan or Pumpkin pie from your local LPQ. Or, sign up for a bakery class and perfect your pie technique with one of our expert bakers, just in time for the holidays!