July 21st is Belgian National Day, and thanks to the number of treats Belgium is known for, there are many ways to be festive! Sweeten your day by stopping by Le Pain Quotidien or trying out a Belgian inspired recipe.

1. Speculoos

By now you’re likely familiar with speculoos, the delicious spread made of crushed speculoos cookies with a graham cracker-like taste. Treat yourself by whipping up a frothy speculoos latte, or at the very least, help yourself to a spoonful (or two!).

Speculoos Latte

2. Devil’s Chocolate Speculoos Cookies

Another yummy, speculoos-inspired dessert? Trade in those summer ice cream sandwiches for these decadent cookie sandwiches. Devil’s Speculoos Cookies are back at your local LPQ for a limited time (until this Friday, July 24), but rest assured – you can always whip up a batch at home with this recipe!

Devils Speculoos Cookies

3. Waffles

For a more traditional option, head to LPQ for this staple Belgian dessert and street food. For those looking for a hand-held snack, waffles are available wrapped and ready-to-go at our bakery counter. Or, dine in and enjoy a waffle served warm with organic jam and fresh cream! Of course, if you prefer to try your hand at making your own, check out our recipe for pearl-sugar filled Liège style waffles. Go ahead and grab some spreads – like chocolate or speculoos – to top yours off!

Liege Waffle Recipe

4. Broodpudding

Don’t let stale bread go to waste – turn it into bread pudding, known in Belgium as broodpudding! Chocolate-y, creamy and oh-so-comforting, this rich dessert is certain to hit the spot. Check out the recipe here.

Broodpudding - Double

5. Chocolate

Perhaps Belgium’s proudest export, no Belgium National Day would be complete without true Belgian chocolate; it is, after all, recognized globally as the finest in the world! Pick up a few bars from our pantry shelves or from our online pantry – from traditional milk to specialty flavors like poivre rose and earl gray tea, there’s something to suit every chocolate lover’s palate.

Belgian Chocolate

6. Beer

Of course, you’ll need a little something to help the day’s treats go down. Make like a Belgian and reach for a cold beer. Let our favorite happy hour pairings inspire savory accoutrements!

Belgian Beer

What Belgian treat will you indulge in? Comment below!