A freshly baked baguette means a good meal or snack is ahead. As much as we love breaking off a piece and eating it plain, sometimes it’s great to hit refresh and incorporate this versatile bread into our daily meal, either as the main event or a simple side.

When you think of the baguette as a vessel for all kinds of other good stuff, the fun begins. Here are seven of our favorite ways to use our organic baguettes…

As a Sweet Treat


Our creamy, Belgian chocolate spread instantly turns a savory baguette into an indulgent breakfast treat.

Dipped in Soup

Cool weather means soup season is upon us – and adding crusty baguette can turn a simple soup into a hearty meal. We’ll be soaking up every last drop of our chicken zoodle soup with baguette all season long.

Left to Shine

Sometimes we want to return to the basics. Fresh baguette dipped in smooth olive oil sprinkled with sea salt will always be a classic, fool-proof appetizer.

Filled to the Brim

Turkey Banh Mi

Whether you go for one of our baguette sandwiches (like the Turkey Bành Mì) or a classic open-faced tartine, a good sandwich starts with good bread!

Topped with a Savory Spread

Olive tapenade, tomato bruschetta or sun-dried tomato? Why pick one? We keep our pantry stocked with our favorite savory spreads so that you can take one home with you or order them online.

Extra Fancy

Replacing crackers with baguette slices creates a more filling (and certainly tastier!) wine and cheese spread – whether it’s for a gathering with friends or for a solo session.

In a Sword Fight

We know, it’s impolite to play with our food. But, after all, everyone needs to let loose once in a while and break a rule or two! 


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