Have you thought about committing to a greener holiday season? With eco-friendly decorations, you can give your home a chic nature-inspired twist on the typical (and increasingly artificial) Christmas look. Ditch the flashy light-up reindeer and store-bought ornaments and deck the halls with boughs of holly! (And save on some of our homemade alternatives!)

Garland inspirations

There are plenty of fabulous options in the garland department that will dress up your tree in a sophisticated way without wasting energy or using unsustainable materials.

  • Try stringing cranberries with a simple needle and waxy dental floss. The berries’ festive shades of red will be gorgeous against whatever tree you select.
  • A classic – popcorn! One large bowl will suffice for most tree sizes. Simply use a needle and thread to create the strands. Staler popcorn works best to prevent crumbling, so we won’t judge if you sneak a few pieces for making your garland! The aroma is delightful and your family will love pitching in to help out. When you’re ready to retire the tree for the season, hang the popcorn garland on a tree outside as a treat for your neighborhood birds!
  • You can also use dried fruit, especially oranges, and string these the same way with bay leaves and cinnamon sticks on beading cord for a fragrant garland. The aromas complement each other perfectly and certainly upstage generic tinsel!

Cranberry Garland

An example of these two garland ideas combined!

Let there be LED lights

If you’re having trouble parting with the idea of Christmas lights altogether, not to worry. You can use LED lights instead of incandescent for a classic, but energy-efficient look. Here are just a few of the benefits they offer over standard lights:

  • Significant energy savings – up to 80%!
  • Nearly unbreakable and cool to the touch
  • Longer lasting than traditional bulbs
  • Brighter
  • Able to connect more strands together (thanks to their lower currents, you can string endless amounts together without the need for a separate extension cord!)

However, remember to turn off your lights at bedtime for even more energy savings!


Other eco-friendly touches

Try decorating with evergreen boughs, sprigs of berries, holly and other natural elements in your home. You can even experiment with creating your own wreath too! This year at LPQ, we have hung beautiful pine cone wreaths, which we will be able to use for years to come!

Festive candles are also a great way to bring the holiday spirit into your home as well. Look for soy or beeswax candles without lead wicks to avoid harmful by-products and toxins. Stray away from metallic and shiny wrapping paper as a general rule. Recycled gift wraps in great seasonal patterns are becoming more and more widely available.

Do you make or buy eco-friendly Christmas decorations? Share your ideas with us!

Images: Flickr, The Greenery Nurseryroselia