As bakers, we swear by using simple, organic ingredients and following an artisanal, time-honored baking process to make our bread. We bake our baguettes in-house throughout the day so you can pick one up, fresh from the oven, whenever you’re in the neighborhood.

Simple Ingredients

We make our baguette using organic flour, salt, water, levain and yeast, plus a little magic ingredient called time. To achieve a light, soft crumb and crisp crust, we use our own natural sourdough levain yeast culture. Our levain brings a tangy, fresh flavor to our loaves and means they are lower in carbohydrate content – while higher in vitamins and minerals – than conventional breads. While it takes patience and skill to properly maintain and develop the flavor of our yeast starters, the superb taste makes it all worth it!

We use organic unbleached wheat, which is ground into flour using a traditional grinding wheel. This ancient technique protects the integrity of the wheat during grinding, ensuring a softer, finer grind – and in turn, a more tender crumb – than a commercial cylinder would yield.

To bring out the natural flavors of the bread we add a touch of natural sea salt, which is a much less processed alternative to the rock salt often used in other breads.

Good Things Take Time

How many hours go into baking the perfect baguette? From start to finish, our process takes 11 hours. That’s because there’s no cutting corners when it comes to making artisanal, authentic bread.

We take our time, letting the dough rest twice – once between mixing and cutting and again before shaping. After shaping comes an even longer 4 hour cold fermentation period – also known as “proofing” – when the dough sits undisturbed one last time. This allows the flavors to meld and the dough to rise. Tiny microorganisms in the dough work their magic and absorb the sugars of the wheat (starch), releasing carbon dioxide which raises the dough. This is a vital part to ensure a more flavorful, aromatic bread that’s easier to digest.

After these long periods of rest, the baguette is ready to be scored. Also known as the “baker’s signature,” scoring refers to the small cuts a baker makes in the loaf. The pattern, angle and depth of the cuts is intentional, and for more than creating a visually pleasing pattern. These small weak spots on the surface keep the baguette from bursting in the oven (which would be a pity, given all the time invested thus far!). The cuts also influence the rate and direction that the bread will expand during “oven spring,” creating the “ear,” the raised dough at the edge of a cut. Some bakers will even use scoring patterns to identify the type of bread or the oven it came from. Personally, we like to score our baguettes parallel to the long axis so that each slice has a crisp ear.

For all the time that goes into creating our baguettes, they have a relatively short shelf-life. That is, if they stayed on our shelves long! We bake our baguettes in-house throughout the day so there’s always a fresh loaf waiting for you, crisp outer crust and fluffy interior intact.

Stop by and take home the freshest baguette on the block so you can try it for yourself!