As a baker, it’s always exciting when you can find new uses for your favorite doughs.  In my case, it’s our tangy, nutty, sourdough wheat dough that I love to repurpose.  This time, I decided to create a traditional cinnamon bun but with a sweet & savory twist.

After allowing the dough to ferment and slowly build flavor for about 4 hours, I rolled it out into a thin sheet and spread some of my favorite things on top of it to create the Sourdough Buns.

The savory buns received a layer of our organic Les Moulins Mahjoub Black Olive Spread and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds.  The sweet buns were covered with a bit of butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and organic Crunola® raw granola (a delicious mixture of sprouted grains, seeds & fruit).  Then the roulades were rolled, sliced and baked to create these delicious Sourdough Buns.

By Anna, Head Baker
Bleecker Street Bakery
New York, NY

What do you think of this unusual twist on the classic cinnamon bun? Have you ever tried changing a traditional recipe in a new and exciting way? We’d love to hear about your cooking experimentation!

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