Are you thinking about starting your own garden? Gardening, although a rewarding and even relaxing hobby, can require a great deal of patience, dedication, and maintenance. If you’re looking to plant just a few things to start, I have some suggestions. These vegetables, fruits and herbs are the easiest to maintain and most essential to begin your gardening endeavors!

  • Tomato. Tomatoes are not only incredibly versatile in the kitchen, but they’re also fairly easy to sustain in your garden. Heirloom tomatoes are juicy, plump and delicious in sauces and salads. Cherry and grape tomatoes are equally multitalented and also require minimal upkeep. I suggest installing a copper wire through the main vine of your tomato plant about a month and a half after planting. Remember to trim away leaves at the plant’s base. The wire will protect your plant against mildew and fungus growth, which will allow you to enjoy your tomatoes without having to spray the plant with harmful pesticides and chemicals.
  • Radish. Radish plants are also a wonderful addition to every garden. They grow quickly, allowing you to see the fruits of your labor in no time. Look at the moon calendar for the best times to sow and harvest.
  • Parsley. Parsley is an essential. It’s simple to grow and continues to grow after harvesting even in mild winters. In fact, parsley is even disease resistant.
  • Berries. Perennials like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and more are simple to care for and fun to harvest. Bushes yield many berries in little time and they require modest real estate in your garden, too!
  • Artichoke. Artichokes, a vegetable and a flower. Long stemmed artichokes sprout a flower, and of course, also double as a delicious vegetable to incorporate into your meals at home. The artichoke can be eaten before the flower blooms. Artichoke plants can be planted and harvested in almost any climate and grow up to six feet tall.

These are just some of the simple fruits, vegetables and herbs that would be terrific garden plant ideas. What do you like to grow in your garden?

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