When it comes to pampering, it doesn’t get any better than breakfast in bed. For Valentine’s Day, it’s a sweet way to start the day and a lovely gesture for any weekend morning where a little extra relaxation is in order.

Read on for tips and recipes to make the perfect breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in Bed

Simple recipes are the key to a stress-free morning. Try making this Chia Seed Pudding the night before and add the finishing touches when you wake up.

Our Belgian waffle is also perfectly suited to a quick preparation. Stop by your local LPQ to pick one up and serve it with fresh fruit and some organic Noisella chocolate spread, maple syrup or a bright raspberry jam.

Breakfast in Bed

If you’re an early riser, these crêpes from the Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook take a little more time to prepare, but are sure to please!

Regardless of what you choose to serve, make sure to plan ahead for the special touches. Think wild flowers, a small card, a favorite magazine or newspaper and some relaxing music.

Top Tips:

  • Lay a blanket underneath the tray to minimize any mess
  • Wait to pour the beverages (or fill them up 3/4 of the way) to prevent spills
  • Be creative with the menu, but try to avoid anything with crumbs!

Crossword puzzle

Do you have any top tips or breakfast in bed recipes? Let us know!