Being short for time doesn’t mean you have to skimp on breakfast – especially not this season! Say hello to our Complete Breakfast Smoothie, a super food packed, deliciously creamy blend of everything you need to power through your morning.

How do we round it out? With the perfect blend of…

    • Cold Brew Coffee. Because what’s breakfast without a coffee boost? Plus, unlike regular coffee, smooth cold brew is smoother than it is acidic, making it the perfect base.

    • Coconut YogurtCoconut yogurt lovers will recognize the taste of cult-favorite Anita’s, which packs healthy fats and probiotics without the additives most coconut yogurts have.

    • Oats. Oats are good for more than just oatmeal – and if you haven’t tried them in your smoothies yet, don’t miss out! Oats add thickness, not to mention protein to tide you over. Even better? They’re gluten-free!

    • Banana. One of our favorite sources of fiber, antioxidants and carbs! Kiss mid-morning hunger goodbye.

    • Dates. A little taste of the Middle East, ‘nature’s candy’ is famous for regulating digestion and aiding muscle development. If you’re headed for a workout – all the better!

    • Cocoa nibs. These crushed cacao bean pieces have been fermented, dried and roasted, giving them an intense chocolate taste – only instead of getting the sugar and calories of  chocolate, you get a dose of antioxidants, magnesium, iron and fiber.

    • Maca. This South American super food is known for helping hormone balance, increasing energy and diffusing stress. It’s also high in calcium, magnesium and protein. Basically, it’s magic.

We drizzle in some maple syrup, and voilà! You’ll be powering through the office or the gym in no time.