If you live on the west coast, today’s the day – we’re launching Juicero juices in 8 of our California restaurants! Juicero is the first at-home cold-pressed juicing system, bringing fresh organic, pressed-to-order juice straight to our kitchen, and since splashing onto the market last month, it’s generated buzz from Vogue to Vanity Fair. We’re excited to be one of the handful of partners to offer it – and for you to be first to tell us what you think!

How it Works

Dubbed by Fortune as the “Keurig of Juice,” Juicero is all about bringing fresh juice into your home, without the hassle of a traditional juicer. Simply pop in one of a Juicero pack (raw, organic produce that’s farm fresh, perfectly chopped, and cold-press ready) into the machine and Juicero takes care of the rest – sans mess and chopping.

Staying in the green spirit, juice packs are recyclable, and residual pulp is compostable or reusable – in fact, our Chef, Kaegan Welch has been experimenting with upcycling it into no-waste muffins!

Via Instagram @greeneggsnhamlin

Via Instagram @greeneggsnhamlin

The Flavors

Sweet Greens is an easy drinking green juice packed with electrolytes — magnesium and potassium — for an anytime boost. Apples and spinach make for a tart yet mildly sweet flavor — and there’s a little pineapple and kale tossed in to balance things out. It’s sweet but not too sweet, slightly earthy, and very refreshing.

Beta Glow is packed with betacarotene and vitamin A, supporting strong vision and a healthy immune system. Carrot’s sweet earthiness is elevated by the addition of orange and lemon; ginger rounds off the list of ingredients with its warmth and complexity. Your morning glass of juice just got a bit brighter!

Sweet Roots is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins A and C and delivers a crisp finish. A little spice from the ginger and sweetness from the apple and spinach enhances the earthiness of the carrot-beet combo.

Juicero - Sweet Roots

We introduced these flavors to a group of tastemakers and media at a recent summer menu preview event at LPQ Melrose. The verdict? These flavors were an instant hit!

Via Instagram @greeneggsnhamlin

Via Instagram @greeneggsnhamlin

Ready to take a sip?

Head to Melrose, Fashion Island, Manhattan Beach, Villa Marina, Culver City, Westwood, Studio City or Beverly Hills starting today!

Like what you drink? Let us know – tag your Juicero photos on Instagram @lepainquotidien and @juicero #LPQxJuicero! Juicero is planting its roots in California before expanding off the west coast, so we’re counting on you to tell us what you think!