What goes great with organic wine and delicious, fresh-baked breads? Cheese, of course! We’re always up to indulge in delicious, artisanal cheeses but with October being American Cheese Month, we have all the more reason to celebrate!

One cheese we’re especially loving at the moment is our Camembert cheese, made by Arethusa Farm & Dairy and available at our East Coast locations. Subtle and sweet with a cloud-like bloom on the rind, this locally-made cheese has a history as rich as its taste.

Camembert Arethusa Farm

A trademark of Camembert cheese—named after where it was first made in Camembert, Normandy in the late 18th century—is its soft texture. Encasing this creamy, gooey filling is an edible, bloomy white rind. The rind seals in the cheese’s flavor and aroma and seals out bacteria that could spoil the cheese.

Fully ripened Camembert has a pungent flavor reminiscent of Brie cheese, which is a bit milder. It makes sense that Brie and Camembert are similar; legend has it that the farmer who first made Camembert did so by following the advice of a priest from Brie, the region in France where Brie cheese was first developed.

Camembert’s French roots, along with it famously being issued to French troops in World War I, solidified its association with French food culture. Nowadays, many countries produce their own variations, including the US; however, no matter where Camembert is made, it’s imperative it be made with only the freshest milk.

Another cheese we love? Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam, an organic cows’ milk triple crème cheese! Similar to Camembert, triple crème cheeses are smooth and super buttery–it’s actually required that the cheese contain at least 75% butterfat in order to be considered a triple crème.

Cowgirl Creamery

Named for the Northern California landmark, Mt. Tamalpais, this white bloomy rind cheese is made with fresh, organic milk and has flavors of cultured butter with hints of white mushroom. Also like Camembert, triple crème cheese originated in Normandy, where it was first made by a family in the early 1900s.

Because producing any high-quality cheese takes time and effort, we rely on cheese makers like Arethusa on the east coast and Cowgirl Creamery on the west coast to create flavorful cheeses without taking shortcuts. Both prioritize sustainability and treating their cows with the highest level of care, ultimately delivering exceptional products to our tables.


If you feel like celebrating the month with a local cheese (or a European one for that matter), we suggest trying one of our cheese or mixed platters. Served with organic breads, these plates make perfect, shareable happy hour treats! Or, order a side of your favorite cheese à la carte to and be sure to pair with one of our organic wines — we suggest something bubbly or our crisp RN13 Sauvignon Blanc.

What cheese will you be celebrating this month? Tell us in the comments below! To learn more about these cheese makers, visit Cowgirl Creamery and Arethusa online.

Photos courtesy of Arethusa Farm & Dairy and Cowgirl Creamery