Invented in 1941 by German inventor, Peter Schlumbohm, the Chemex Coffeemaker is a coffee purist’s dream! 

Made from glass and wrapped with a handsome wood collar and leather tie, the Chemex is a one-piece brewing system that literally puts the brewing process in your hands. The glass container prevents other flavors from being imparted into the coffee and the slow, delicate brewing method guarantees an excellent cup. 

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In case the sleek design and absence of an “On” button deters you, we present our simple step-by-step brewing guide.

Brewing Instructions:
Fold a Chemex filter into a cone, making sure three layers lay on one side. Place the filter inside your coffeemaker with the layers facing the spout.


Next, bring a pot of water to a boil and remove from the heat. By this point, the water should no longer be at a rolling boil (the ideal brewing temperature is about 200ºF).


Measure one tablespoon of ground coffee per 5oz cup and pour into the filter. If you like your coffee strong, use more! The beauty of the Chemex is that adding more coffee will not add any bitterness to the final brew.


Starting at the center, and slowly working your way around, gently pour just enough water over the coffee grounds to saturate them. Allow the grounds bloom for 30 seconds.


After the initial pour, simply add more water in the same spiral motion, soaking the grounds each time until the desired amount of coffee has been brewed. The whole process should take about 4 minutes.


Remove and discard the filter. For the best cup, pre-warm your coffee bowl or mug with hot water before pouring your coffee.