From cherries to berries, peaches to nectarines – summer is the season of many of our favorite fruits. This year, we’ve found a less common summer fruit to love – figs! While dried figs are great for munching year round, we’re savoring the final stretch of this fruit’s harvesting season with our East Coast & Chicago seasonal summer ’15 dessert special, the Fig & Frangipane Tart.

What’s in a fig

Figs are smooth on the outside and bursting with crunchy seeds on the inside – a result of the fig’s blossoms being inside the fruit. They’re great for baking – they seal in moisture, and can be pureed and used as fat substitute. Figs can only be harvested once ripe – otherwise, they’ll never fully ripen – and must be eaten within a couple days. That’s why they’re so hard to come by!

Benefits to chew on 

Nevertheless, it’s worth your while to get your hands on fresh figs. They’re not just delicious – they have health benefits to boot! To name a few –

  • A half-cup of figs has as much calcium as the equivalent amount of milk.
  • Figs are potassium-rich – an important nutrient for keeping blood pressure in check.
  • Figs are also full of fiber. Snacking on a handful will keep you fuller longer – a great trick for weight loss.
  • Prebiotics – not to be mistaken for probiotics – are a specific type of fiber found in figs that support good bacteria in the stomach, making for a healthy digestive system.
  • Figs also pack other minerals – like magnesium and iron – and antioxidants – including Vitamins A and E. Despite their small size, figs are nutritionally dense!

Stop into your local LPQ and treat yourself to our fig-featuring tart before the season’s up! How else do you plan to take advantage of this rare summer fruit? Comment below with ideas.