In the hustle and bustle of the city, it’s easy to grab lunch without thinking where the greens in your salad even came from. But recently, we decided to escape the city for a day to visit Satur Farms, our supplier of lacinato kale in New York and Connecticut.

We hopped on a bus and drove out to the East End of Long Island – and our minds (and taste buds) are so glad we did!

The Story of Satur

Satur gets its name from founder Paulette Satur, who started the farm 18 years ago with her husband, Chef Eberhard Müller. Neither are strangers to good food – Paulette grew up on a dairy farm and worked 12 years in the wine business, while Eberhard was the opening chef for 3-star Michelin restaurant Le Bernardin, and later a chef at Lutèce.

When Eberhard struggled to find quality local ingredients for his work, the pair decided to take matters into their own hands. Soon enough, Eberhard’s colleagues came looking to buy produce, and the farm began to blossom!

Satur Farms

Satur Farms - Lettuce

Paulette Satur

Satur Today

Satur continues to set the bar in farming quality produce. They don’t just brand their products – they seed, grow and package it, maintaining total oversight from seed to salad! Greens are even washed in an organically approved wash – not chlorine based cleaner that many growers rely on.

Treating the soil with care is key, which is why Satur employs practices that help, rather than hurt the soil. Satur practices crop rotation and grow cover their radishes, legumes and other crops to prevent wind and rain erosion, break up soil compaction and add organic matter. In spring, they til the green down to help feed the soil.

A Difference You Can Taste

The finest chef expects the finest ingredients. Satur, which began as a chef-driven business, remains committed to the highest quality produce – and boy, does it pay off in flavor!

On our visit, Eberhard treated us to a delicious lunch of a crisp green salad, roasted local potatoes and succulent local pork belly. We tasted peppery wild arugula – a slow growing variety favored in Italy for its flavor, but rare among big stateside growers who prize maximum output over maximum flavor.

“When it comes in from the field, it has an aroma,” Paulette said as we bit into their lettuces. They offer many – their mesclun mix alone contains around 13 lettuce varieties! All are grown in sandy loam soil, which imparts flavor and minerals.

To the North of the farm is the Long Island Sound estuary; to the south is the bay. The result is a maritime climate that flavors their produce.

“Salt air is what gives us this great flavor,” Paulette said. “It’s the sun, it’s the salt air, it’s the soil. We’re chasing flavors out here.”

Satur Farms - Paulette

Chef Kaegan in the fields with Paulette & Eberhard


When the sun set and we returned to the city, all we could think was how proud we are to be supporting such a wonderful, sustainable farm led by two wonderful, quality-driven people. We hope you stop on in and taste the difference for yourself!

Satur Farms LPQ Team