With the start of a new year comes a fresh, new menu! This season, we’re eating to fuel our resolutions – from nutrient packed drinks to resolution-approved treats. Ready to take a peek at our winter menu? We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Matcha Latte Hot Lemon Honey Ginger

Hot Honey, Lemon & Ginger

This wintry favorite is back! Swap your usual tea for this soothing elixir that’s sweet, tart and spicy all at once.

Matcha Latte

There’s a lot to love about matcha! For starters, it’s an incredible source of antioxidants, but also super high in detoxifying chlorophyll as well as a host of important vitamins and minerals. More on that here.

Unlike loose leaf teas, matcha is ground into a fine powder and whisked into hot water, making for a silky mouth feel. Our Matcha Latte is dairy-free, made with Barista Blend almond milk from our friends at Califia Farms.

Grapefruit Carrot Detox

Carrot Grapefruit Ginger Daily Blend

If you loved last season’s Daily Blend, we’ve got good news! This bright, citrusy blend is sticking around for a second season. Ginger and cayenne meet orange, lemon and grapefruit to give your immune system the kick it needs power through winter’s coldest days.

Organic Mini Dutch Pancakes

Mini Dutch Pancakes

For a spin on classic pancakes, try out these fluffy mini Dutch pancakes. Also known as poffertjes, these tiny pancakes, made with buckwheat flour and yeast, are a popular Dutch street food in the winter. Unlike their American counterparts, they have a light, spongy texture.

Ours are served per tradition – with maple butter, a dusting of powdered sugar and maple syrup for a sweet breakfast indulgence.

Roasted Carrot & Quinoa Bowl

Roasted Carrot Quinoa Bowl

Warm up your salad order (and wake up your tastebuds) with this super flavorful winter grain bowl. Warm quinoa is mixed up with wild arugula, oven roasted carrots, feta, colorful beet hummus, pistachio dukkah and za’atar spiced tahini dressing. 

If dukkah isn’t already part of your culinary vocabulary, it’s a North African condiment made from toasted nuts, seeds and spices. Our blend features toasted sesame and cumin seeds, pistachios and sea salt.

Smoked Salmon Toast on Super Seed GF Bread

Gluten Free Smoked Salmon Toast

Lox bagel lovers: meet our healthy take on the New York classic! Our seedy gluten-free bread is toasted, then slathered with Greek yogurt and sprinkled with wild capers, smoked salmon and shaved red onion for a simple, yet delicious bite.

Cauliflower, Kale & Cheddar Frittata

Cauliflower Kale Frittata

If you lean toward the savory side, this frittata’s for you – full of roasted cauliflower, kale and sharp cheddar, with a mesclun salad on the side for a healthy dose of greens.

Three Bean Chili

Hearty soups and stews are our go-to in winter, which is why we’re bringing back our three bean chili, topped with avocado mash and scallion. Bring it on, winter!

Skillet-Baked Eggs (NY only)

Baked Eggs

New York friends, you’ll have an extra hot dish to cozy up with this season! Two organic eggs, sunny side up and topped one of three ways – with avocado & crispy onions, prosciutto & scallion or smoked salmon & dill. Served until 12pm M-F, all day weekends.

Resolution-Approved Sweets!

Resolution Approved Sweets

Have your resolutions, and dessert too! We’re introducing three delicious sweets you can feel good treating yourself to. Although perfectly indulgent, each of these treats is either vegan or gluten-free. 

Key Lime Parfait

Vegan, gluten-free and decadent – no compromises here! Spoon into key lime, coconut and avocado mousse, topped with a cashew-oat crumble.

Apple Cider Donut

Warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice come together in our sweet vegan donut, which we bake, dip in an apple cider glaze and dust with cinnamon sugar. Pairs perfectly with a spicy Hot Honey, Lemon & Ginger!

Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin

If ever there was proof that gluten-free could be delicious, this is it! Officially our new favorite muffin, this lightly sweet muffin starts with nutty sorghum flour as its base, while lemon, poppy seeds and Greek yogurt round it out.


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