Whether you’ve finished your holiday shopping or have more people to check off your list, the last thing you want to be worrying about come Christmas Eve is how to wrap presents. Our nature inspired gift wrap was a hit under our Christmas trees last year, and this year we’ve come up with even more beautiful natural gift wrap ideas. Scroll down for inspiration—your presents will be tree-ready in no time!

What You’ll Need 

    • Kraft Paper, tea cloth or other fabric
    • Jute twine, ribbon, raffia
    • An assortment of natural elements — ilex berries, cedar or juniper berries, rosehips, tallow berries, cedar tips, magnolia leaves, seeded eucalyptus or citrus are all great options!

Natural Elements

Where To Find It

Good news: you shouldn’t need to travel far to find natural gift wrap materials. A simple stroll through your backyard or neighborhood is likely to turn up many natural elements–even in urban areas like New York City, where we managed to stumble upon rosehips! If your search comes up short, stop into your local florist or corner store for an array of colorful options. Paper, cloth and twine can be found at your local market or craft store.

Cedar Tip Gift Wrap 2 Seeded Eucalyptus Gift Wrap


If you have pretty fabric or a new tea cloth, try wrapping your gift in it for a fresh alternative to wrapping paper!

Fabric Gift Wrap

Tie It Up 

One benefit of natural gift wrapping is the freedom it lends you; essentially anything—regardless of shape or size—can be wrapped with these materials! And, each package has its own unique touch depending on the elements you incorporate. Affix smaller berries to smaller items, like boxes of chocolate or boxes of tea. Decorate larger items—like chemex coffeemakers—with larger elements, perhaps even adorning the package with pinecones. Whatever adornments you choose, be sure to wrap neatly so gifts look clean, not crinkled.

Still struggling on what to wrap? Check out our holiday gift guide.

The Leftovers

Say you find yourself stuck with a surplus of wrapping materials. Don’t let them go to waste—use them to make festive home decorations. Lay a garland of evergreen atop your fireplace, and sprinkle along kumquats or other citrus for a dash of color!

Fireplace Decor

Then, use leftover twine and remaining evergreen tips, berries and pine cones to make a bunting you can hang!

Holiday Bunting

Have gift wrapping tips, or last-minute gift ideas? Share with us in the comments below.

Happy wrapping!