Baking for the holidays, but don’t know where to start? Our bakers are here to help! Just in time for the season of eating, allow us to introduce the Le Pain Quotidien holiday baking “how-to” series, straight from our Bleecker Street Bakery in NYC.

These dispatches throughout the season from our flagship bakery will take the mystery out of some of the more complicated baking techniques you might come across during the holiday season, from tricky lattice pie crusts to braiding brioche dough.

First up? Mastering the lattice! Creating a decorative top for your Thanksgiving pie is a lot simpler than it looks. Once you’ve prepared your pie dough (see instructions below!), take a look at this video and you’ll have the pattern down in no time. Need a hands-on tutorial? Come visit us at the bakery for one of our classes!

Prepare the dough

Prepare a double batch of this all-butter pie crust. Divide the dough, shape into discs and chill. Roll out one half of the dough to 1/8″ thick. You want the lattice strips to be thinner than the bottom crust (about 2/3 the weight) so they don’t sink into the filling.

We recommend going for a very thick (1″) strip or a thin (1/4″) strip. Use a fluted pastry cutter or knife to cut long strips in the dough.

Decorative Pies

Make the lattice

Lay half the strips across the pie vertically, with the longest at the center. Fold every other strip back on itself and lay a strip horizontally right up against the edge of the fold.

Unfold the folded strips over the newly placed horizontal layer and then fold up the remaining strips. Lay another horizontal strip here and place the folded strips back over that layer. Continue in this way until you reach both ends of the pie.

Trim the edges with kitchen scissors or a sharp knife, then pinch the edge to seal. Optional: use your thumb and forefinger to create a fluted edge.


Want more? Take a look at our Bleecker Street Bakery class schedule for a full range of baking classes! Don’t live in the area? We also offer baking classes in Philadelphia, the DC area and in Orange County.

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