We’re suckers for a good toast. While avocado is our usual go-to, there’s a new green toast topper calling our taste buds this season – smashed pea!

This refreshingly spicy toast is equal parts flavorful and oh-so-good for you. Get ready to switch up your toast order.

What’s On Top

  • Pea Hummus. We blend fresh spring peas with traditional chickpea hummus, creating a lighter spread with a super creamy taste – plus more protein, fiber and bone-healthy vitamin K, and less fat than avocado.

  • Watermelon Radish. Cool and crisp for a bit of crunch.

  • Feta. A sprinkle of salty, tangy feta adds extra vitamins and minerals.

  • Spiced Tahini. We make a dressing from toasted ground sesame seeds and harissa, lemon juice and za’atar spice. The result is a mild heat with just the right amount of kick to balance out the creaminess.

  • Pistachio Dukkah. Our spin on the Egyptian mix of herbs, nuts and spices, we use sesame seed, cumin seed, sea salt and pistachio to add texture and flavor.

  • Mint. Refreshing mint keeps the toast light and balances out the heat.

  • Lemons. The finishing touch? A squeeze of lemon, which sharpens the flavor of all the ingredients!

We can’t wait to hear what you think of this exciting new toast!