The next time you browse our pantry shelves, keep an eye out for the colorful pastel tins of Les Anis de Flavigny. These richly aromatic pearl-shaped candies have a long history and are traditionally associated with love and happiness.

Made in the hillside town of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in the French region of Burgundy, these candies have been produced for centuries. Now a family-owned business, Les Anis de Flavigny were once made by monks in the same Benedictine abbey where they are produced today.


At the center of each candy is a tiny aniseed, which comes from the pimpinella anisum plant, and has a spicy herbal flavor reminiscent of fennel and star anise.

Over the course of 15 days, the aniseeds are delicately rotated in a pan of sugar syrup, slowly enrobing them in layers of fine sugar. The result of this careful process is a smooth, delicate surface.

Flavored with essential oils, like rose, violet and orange blossom, Les Anis de Flavigny are 100% natural, and equally delicious!


According to the manufacturers of Les Anis de Flavigny, “sharing a candy that holds an aniseed in its heart is a demonstration of love.” Across the 10 different tins, the love story of a young shepherd and shepherdess unfolds.

Find the orange blossom, violet and anise flavors at your local Le Pain Quotidien and discover the story for yourself!

Anis Love Story

Have you tried these candies yet? What is your favorite flavor?

Flavigny-sur-Ozerain photo via CpaKmoi