Take a glance at our communal tables and pantry shelves, and you’ll quickly notice our penchant for the artisanal products made by Les Moulins Mahjoub. From the olive oil that sits on our tables to the jars of Mediterranean specialties in our pantry, we love these products for their excellent quality and versatility.

Have you ever wondered where they come from? For over 10 years, Le Pain Quotidien has enjoyed a special relationship with Les Moulins Mahjoub, a small family farm situated in the fertile region of Tebourba, Tunisia.

Les Mahjoub Content

Following an agricultural tradition 3,000 years in the making, the Mahjoub family cultivates their land using organic practices, respecting the balance of nature. Traditional craft and hand processing techniques result in a range of artisanal products that not only taste deliciously handmade, but are all certified organic.


As you might have guessed, our favorite Mahjoub specialty is olive oil. Hand harvested in December and January when the olives ripen from green to black, the olives are stone ground, cold pressed and the oil is hand-skimmed using a unique family technique that dates back hundreds of years.

Processed without the use of heat or chemicals, which can destroy the flavor, and produced from the very first extraction, this oil is first cold pressed.

Mahjoub Sundried Tomatoes

But our love for the fruits of the Mahjoub family labor does not end there! Wild sea salted mountain capers, traditional spicy harissa, black olive spread (read 20 ways to use it here), sundried tomatoes and more are all specialties which can be found in our kitchens and recipes. Many of them are perfect as “tartinables” (spread on bread), or as additions to salads, pastas or any number of recipes you can imagine.

Pop in and pick up a jar or visit our online shop and have something shipped straight to your home! If you try any of these products at home, be sure to save the olive oil used for packing. It’s extra virgin and absolutely mouthwatering when used in dressings, marinades or as a finishing oil!

Les Moulins Mahjoub

Now that you’ve heard about our favorites, which of these authentic Mediterranean specialties do you keep in your pantry? Do you have any special tips for incorporating them into your meals? Share with us below!