LPQ fans and former team members, Alvaro and Maria, are taking the journey of a lifetime around the world – and we’re bringing you along for the ride!

This husband and wife duo are on a mission to travel the globe and connect with people and organizations along the way who are doing the right thing for the planet.

Through the course of their travels, they will be visiting Le Pain Quotidiens in neighborhoods across 4 continents to get to know our teams and talk about our commitment to simple, wholesome food that’s good for the body, and for the environment.

The first stop on the itinerary? Buenos Aires, Argentina!

Calle Armenia Buenos Aires

Would you like to follow our LPQ duo everywhere they go? Find their social media handles at the bottom of this post. In the meantime, let’s get to know Maria and Alvaro and the inspiration behind their journey!

1. What inspired you to set off on this adventure?

While living in NYC, we met people from all over the world. We heard their stories about beautiful places, delicious food, unforgettable memories and amazing experiences they all had in their homeland. They’ll always finish their stories saying “someday, you should visit my country.” We felt it was the time for us to live those inspiring stories! We talked about this trip for over a year, and little by little, everything started aligning in our favor to take the big decision.

2. How did Le Pain Quotidien become part of your travel plans?

LPQ is the perfect example of those inspiring stories – an international company creating meaningful connections all over the world, staying true to its mission while embracing the uniqueness of each place.

3. What are your goals for the trip?

Over the course of 210 days, we are going to visit 5 continents, 24 countries and 52 cities. We are looking forward to connecting with like-minded people and organizations that are making the world a little better.

4. What are you most look forward to?

Every place has its own people, culture and traditions that makes it unique and special. In each city, we hope to find different ways to enjoy life.

5. If you accomplish one thing on your journey, what will it be?

Inspire others to follow and live their dreams! Whatever that is, it’s all about enjoying the adventure. Every journey begins with the first step, you just have to decide when and where you want to go.

We couldn’t have said it any better! Check back soon to read about Alvaro and Maria’s visit with our team in Buenos Aires.

Follow their journey via @LPQAroundtheworld@vidas360 on Instagram and /LePainQuotidien on Facebook. #lpq360

Alvaro and Maria