At Le Pain Quotidien, we believe food has the power to bring many together, and together, we have the power to bring food to many. That’s why from September 16th to October 16th of 2015, we’re proud to partner with FEED in the second annual FEED Supper campaign to support their goal of raising 2 million meals by World Food Day.

Through a series of suppers at our communal tables around the country, we’re raising meals for families here and around the world. If you live in the New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Washington DC or Los Angeles areas, we invite you to join us!

While FEED’s mission was built on the power of the individual to become part of the solution, FEED’s Supper campaign centers on collectively uniting against hunger – coming together at a table bound by a common humanity embracing the right for all to eat. The more who take part in FEED Supper, the more people FEED will help fight hunger and malnutrition.


Guests at LPQ-hosted FEED Suppers will enjoy a special three-course dinner, unlimited beer and wine and will take home a limited edition, goodie-filled LPQxFEED bag – reminiscent of the original FEED 1 bag, which has helped raise funds and awareness for school feeding operations – as a memento of the evening. Bags will allow guests to publicize the cause long after supper ends, while each $100 ticket will provide 465 meals to families in need ($50 tax deductible).

FEED Supper Bunting2

Joining FEED in giving back to communities in need is our way of thanking the communities that have supported us over the last 25 years. In honor of the campaign aligning with our 25th anniversary, we’re making it our goal to raise 250,000 meals on FEED’s behalf.

Check out our supper schedule to buy tickets for the FEED Supper nearest you. Let’s break bread – and FEED – together!