Back by popular demand, our east coast guests (and later this week, our guests in California) are in for a summer treat – the return of the Watermelon Cooler! Cold-pressed watermelon juice meets lemon and cucumber in this sweet sip, making for a drink that’s perfect for summer’s steamiest days.

Think you know all the benefits of splashing watermelon into your summer diet? Think again!

  • Hydration. It’s in the name – watermelons are over 91% H20. This means they’re great for staying hydrated – and relatively low in calories!
  • 100% edible. Chances are you’ve spent all your years eating the sweet pink flesh, but letting the rind and seeds go to waste. Yet, the rind and seeds aren’t just safe to eat – they’re also packed with nutrients. Even the black seeds! If you go for the rind, just make sure to buy an organic watermelon.
  • Fruit or veggie? Surprise – a bite of watermelon is a bite of both food groups! Relatives vary from gourds – like squash and pumpkin – to cool cucumber.
  • Lycopene. This is the cancer-preventing antioxidant tomatoes are lauded for. As it turns out, watermelon has more to boot! Conveniently, lycopene also helps shield against UV rays.
  • Citrulline. This amino acid (whose name is derived from citrullus, the Latin term for watermelon) makes for healthy arteries, low blood pressure and reduced muscle soreness – incentive to make watermelon your go-to snack for after steamy summer workouts!

Monday, August 5th is National Watermelon Day in the US. Head to your Le Pain Quotidien to replenish with the summer’s favorite melon!

Watermelon Cooler