What would fall be without a trip to pick apples at your favorite local orchard? Yet, with all those ripe apples at your fingertips, it’s hard not to get carried away with how many you pick. While crisp apples alone make delicious snacks, chances are your excursion has left you with a bag full of apples you’re unsure what to do with.

Lucky for you, we’ve come up with a list of ways to enjoy all those apples. Check them out below!

1. Apple Chips

Apple Chips

For a simple snack that’s especially kid-friendly, why not make apple chips? Apple chips are a sweet and healthy alternative to potato chips, meaning you can feel good letting your kids—or yourself—grab a handful! Eat them alone, or try dipping in creamy yogurt.

To make apple chips, preheat your oven to 200°F and prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper. Core your apples, one per baking sheet. Then, using a mandoline, carefully slice the apples and place on the baking sheet. Optional: dust with cinnamon for added flavor! Bake on one side for 1 hour, then flip the slices, baking for another hour.

2. Baked Apples 

Baked Apple Recipe - Double

Baked apples are a delicious, seasonal dessert sure to get you in the fall spirit. We recommend whipping up a batch next time you entertain—they’re easy to make, yet have a taste and aroma sure to impress guests.

Check out our Baked Apple Recipe to get you started; it’s easy to customize, so feel free to personalize with your own secret ingredients!

3. Apple Olive Oil & Lavender Cake 

AppleLavenderCake - Main Image

This sweet treat comes straight from the Le Pain Quotidien Cookbook! Another great option if you’re entertaining, the Apple, Olive Oil & Lavender Cake Recipe is also just as convenient and delicious an option to bring along to a dinner party or special occasion. 

Find the organic lavender honey you’ll need in our online pantry, or substitute with organic orange blossom honey for a fruitier, citrus infused take.

4. Spiced Applesauce

Apple Sauce

Easy and delicious, homemade applesauce is a surprisingly versatile creation! Enjoy as a snack on its own, as a pancake topping, or alternatively, a sweet accompaniment to savory squash, potato or zucchini cakes. 

To make, simply peel, core and chop approximately 6 pounds of apples. Place apple slices in a large dutch oven and fill the bottom of the pot with a splash of water. Sprinkle ground cinnamon over the apples to taste and add a squeeze of lemon, stir and cover. For a deeper cinnamon flavor, add a cinnamon stick or two! Simmer over medium-low heat, stirring every so often until the apples are soft.

Remove the cinnamon sticks, and mash gently. To lightly sweeten your sauce, try adding some organic honey, agave, or brown sugar.

5. Apple & Brie Cheese Omelette

Meet your new breakfast staple. While apples may not be the first item you’d think to include in an omelette, this crunchy and creamy combination is sure to please. Simply dice up apples and add to eggs as you would any other omelette add-in. The more Brie, the merrier!


Given that apples are so delicious on their own, it’s easy to forget that there are endless other ways of enjoying them. We hope these ideas help you get creative with your preparation. Share your apple recipes and tips in the comments below—after you whip up your favorite recipe, reward yourself with a steaming bowl of our seasonal Organic Spiced Apple Cider at your local LPQ!

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Applesauce photo via Flickr, Personal Creations