When it comes to food, we believe in simple ingredients. This philosophy extends to our beauty regimens, where we count on wholesome products to nourish our bodies from the outside! One natural product we love? b.a.r.e. soap’s line of all-natural, deliciously flavored soaps.

b.a.r.e. soaps aren’t just good for your skin—they’re also socially responsible! Through its line of luxury soaps, b.a.r.e. aims to fulfill a socially conscious mission in the global community. Check out their mission—and the limited edition soap we developed with them—below!

b.a.r.e. soap made with love

The b.a.r.e. backstory

Named for its mission of “bringing antiseptic resources to everyone,” b.a.r.e. seeks to both educate those in developed countries on the difference between all-natural soaps versus commercial soaps and to use the proceeds from its soaps to invest in sanitation efforts in developing and third-world countries.

In so doing, b.a.r.e. hopes to provide antiseptic resources to communities with limited accessibility to such resources. Yet, b.a.r.e. isn’t stopping at merely providing these communities with soap. Rather, to encourage lasting results, b.a.r.e. aims to establish health educational awareness programs that teach the importance of hand washing in preventing the spread of sickness.

To kick start its mission, b.a.r.e. invests 20% of all proceeds in Kaberamaido, Uganda, helping fund immediate needs such as vitamins, vaccines and soap, as well as helping villagers achieve sustainability through entrepreneurship.


Rise and shine for b.a.r.e. soap by LPQ

Because b.a.r.e. presents both a product and a mission we support, we teamed up to collaborate on a limited edition soap.

Named “rise & shine,” this soap begins with our organic, Peruvian-sourced coffee. b.a.r.e. cold brews our coffee in distilled water, recycling the grounds into the soap for a natural exfoliant. A dab of organic acacia honey helps the soap hydrate skin, while a dash of cinnamon and vanilla give the finished bar an aroma reminiscent of your local LPQ’s bakery!

Rise, rinse and repeat.

rise and shine

The benefits of going b.a.r.e. 

While purchasing b.a.r.e. soaps helps support the brand’s socially conscious mission, doing so is also a smart, personal beauty choice! For starters, b.a.r.e. leaves all preservatives, synthetics or parabens out of its soaps, opting instead for a blend of premium, essential oils. These natural oils make for a silky, yummy scented lather sure to nourish and hydrate skin. To further ensure product quality, b.a.r.e. hand makes its soaps in small batches, curing them for at least four weeks before selling them.

If b.a.r.e.’s mission and all-natural ingredients don’t have you sold, consider that b.a.r.e. soaps are also environmentally friendly. Each soap is wrapped in plantable paper threaded with wildflower seeds—simply wet the paper and plant beneath a thin layer of soil for beautiful wildflowers!

b.a.r.e. soap making


Rise & Shine will be available for order from b.a.r.e.’s site through December. Treat yourself to a bar while it lasts—and be sure to snag a few extra for gifting your friends this holiday season! While you’re there, take some time to learn more about b.a.r.e.’s vision.