Summer’s warm weather and long, sunny days make for a season packed with fresh, yummy produce. That’s why this summer, we decided to make nectarine our seasonal fruit topping of choice on many things from seasonal specials to staple dishes. With summer soon coming to a close, savor the season’s ripest while you still can!

A nectarine is similar to a peach, but smaller and minus the peach fuzz. Rather, the skin is smooth, fading from deep red to golden yellow to burnt orange. A bowl brimming with vibrant nectarines makes a beautiful centerpiece to your table!

Inside, the flesh can be yellow or white and is packed with nutrients like Vitamin C. Nectarines are also a great source of antioxidants, which are key for maintaining good health and skin. After a summer of soaking up the sun’s harsh rays, eating nectarine can help combat damage done to your complexion.

Nectarine Salad - Tartine

While we love biting into plain nectarines, we got creative this season with how we incorporated the fruit into our menu—slicing it onto our Local Mozzarella Salad and our Prosciutto Tartine, dressing it up for our Berry & Nectarine Shortcake and offering White Nectarine Sangria at our New York restaurants. For more inspiration on ways to enjoy the sweet fruit before summer ends, check out the list below!

  1. Start your day with yogurt parfaits, cereal, French toast, pancakes or waffles topped off with slices of nectarine.
  2. Cut into slices or chunks and mix into a fruit salad. Be sure to include other seasonal fruits and berries like peaches, cherries and blueberries! Or, use nectarine to sweeten up a green salad or slaw. The more colorful the salad, the better it is for you!
  3. Break out the grill one last time for a yummy and healthy dessert! Pit nectarines and grill in halves. Serve the halves with marscapone and a basalmic reduction or simply with vanilla ice cream.
  4. Make a Nectarine, Blue Cheese & Lavender Honey Tartine.
  5. Pour a fruit juice of your choice and chopped up nectarine into ice pop molds. Freeze and enjoy as a cool treat on a hot afternoon!
  6. Can or dry nectarines so you can enjoy the fruit long after summer ends.

What’s your favorite way of eating nectarines? Share with us in the comments below!

Main image via Flickr; Summer Tomato