If you’ve never heard of sorghum, the whole grain base of our summer grain bowl, we’re here to get you acquainted! This delicate, sandy colored grain packs our bowls with all the things we love, from chewy texture to plentiful health benefits.

While sorghum may be unfamiliar by name, a whole 8.06 million acres of US land are devoted to its cultivation, making it a top five cereal crop in the US. Especially in the American south, sorghum has a rich history of being made into a molasses-like syrup for sweetening baked goods like pies and waffles.

Now, sorghum’s catching on among chefs and foodies who are ready to experiment with its nutty grain and flour forms. From sorghum’s nutrient density, to its sustainability as a crop, we can see why it’s starting to catch on!

Summer Grain Bowl2

Sorghum is the only grain that checks all of these boxes … 

  • High protein
  • Gluten-free
  • High fiber
  • Low fat
  • Non-GMO
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Able to be popped into popcorn!

Unlike some other grains, sorghum has an edible hull. Since nutrients like iron, antioxidants and potassium are found in the hull, being able to eat it means more nutrients per bite.

Did you know?

  • Sorghum syrup can be used as cocktail sweetener or to make gluten-free beer
  • Sorghum needs one-third less water than corn, hence it’s reputation as the drought and heat resistant “camel of crops”
  • Sorghum dates back to 8,000 BC in Northeastern Africa, where it’s since been used in porridge, and has been used in cuisine around the world – from roti in India, to tortillas in Honduras.


We hope our summer grain bowl – topped with burrata, corn salsa and nectarine – inspires your summer salads. Whether you’re creating grain bowls of your own, boiling the seeds for a chewy pilaf or turning to sorghum flour for gluten-free baking, we’d love to hear how you’re embracing sorghum this season!

Photos courtesy of US Sorghum Checkoff