Spring is blooming – and so is our seasonal menu! This spring, we’re getting back to lighter flavors and the delicious produce we’ve been missing all winter long. Feast the menu with your eyes – and get ready to dig in April 20.

Daily Blends

Daily Blends

The perfect way to refuel on-the-go, these smoothies consist of simple ingredients, freshly blended. Which flavor will you choose?

Almond Butter Berry

Berries, banana, coconut milk and agave give this smoothie its sweet finish, while chia seeds and almond butter will tide you over and keep you going!

Super Green

Some of our favorite greens combine in this blend of kale, celery and cool mint. Pineapple and apple lend sweetness, while ginger and lemon provide extra zing. 

Beet Booster

Pucker up for this blend, in which heart-healthy avocado and beet meet apple, lemonade and parsley.

Spring Pea Cheddar Frittata

Spring Pea & Cheddar Frittata

Spring peas make a return in this cheesy cheddar frittata, which is served with a seasonal green salad.

Egg Salad Toast

Egg Salad on Toast

For a light lunch, bite into this toasty tartine, which is finished off with caper-mustard aioli and dill. We recommend adding smoked salmon, or trying it on our organic, gluten-free super seed bread!

Farmhouse Chicken Salad

Farmhouse Chicken Salad

Back by popular demand, this salad is full of greens, from freekeh and arugula to avocado and spring peas. Cucumber and radish add crunch, while creamy avocado dressing finishes it off.

Shrimp and Avocado Tartine

Shrimp & Avocado Tartine (California only)

California guests, this one’s just for you. Sweet mango, avocado mash and tomato salsa meet tomato, scallions and savory basil oil on this delicious tartine! 

Bakers Lunch

Baker’s Lunch (East Coast and Chicago only)

We’re continuing the hearty baker’s lunch tradition with chilled gazpacho, half avocado toast and a seasonal spicy chickpea, celery and arugula salad. 

Berry Rhubarb Crumble

Berry & Rhubarb Crumble

Spring also means the return of some of our favorite berries, and there’s no sweeter way to enjoy them than in a fresh-baked dessert. We’re layering strawberries and raspberries with oat streusel in this signature crumble, and topping it off with fresh whipped cream!