No matter where around the world you live, chances are you’re no stranger to buttering your toast come breakfast time. Yet given Belgium’s reputation for superb chocolate, it comes as no surprise that Belgians like to kick up plain old buttered toast with another, perhaps unexpected accoutrement: chocolate sprinkles! The treat – also popular in the Netherlands – is known as hagelslag.

Sprinkle Toast: Hagelslag

Belgium’s sweet sandwiches have inspired spin-offs in other countries as well. In Australia and New Zealand, Fairy Bread – white bread slices topped with butter and a rainbow of sprinkles or nonpareils – is commonly served at children’s birthday parties.

Prefer to try a healthy version of hagelslag? Swap out candy sprinkles and whip up our hagelslag inspired tartine for your next snack break. You’ll need:

Simply slice the bread, spreading each slice with an even layer of noir dark chocolate spread. Top with banana slices, sprinkle with hearty crunola and voilà! The combination of banana and crunola with chocolate make this tartine equal parts satiating and sweet.

Sprinkle Toast: Hagelslag

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