Winter 2016

There’s something about the chilly winter months that makes us crave comfort food. With that in mind, we’ve crafted our winter menu around the best of what the season offers – from lemon and pomegranate to sweet potato, broccoli and heirloom black rice – to bring you food that both comforts and nourishes.

Recharge your body and mind. Our winter menu awaits! Arriving January 13th.

– Drinks –

Hot Lemon Honey Ginger

Hot Lemon, Honey & Ginger

Whether you’re looking to soothe a winter cold, boost your metabolism with ginger or sip on something hot on a frigid day, this healing drink is back to do the trick.

*Not available in California.

Lemon Pomegranate Seltzer

Pomegranate Lemon Seltzer

Fizzy and guilt-free, this drink takes full advantage of pomegranate season and is rounded out with a splash of lemonade and sweet agave.

– Frittatas –

Broccoli Frittata

Roasted Broccoli, Red Pepper & Goat Cheese

Bring color to gray days with this winter frittata. It’s packed with savory roasted broccoli, sweet red pepper and melt-y goat cheese and served with a seasonal green salad.

*Not available in California.

Chorizo Frittata

Sweet Potato, Cheddar & Chorizo Frittata

Looking for something heartier? Try our seasonal frittata, which has sweet potato, cheddar and chorizo sausage in every bite. Served with a seasonal side salad to make sure you’ll get your greens too!

*Served as an omelette in Chicago, Philadelphia & the DC area.

– Soups –

Sweet Potato Soup

Spiced Sweet Potato & Coconut

Ginger, turmeric and cumin spice up this winter soup, which is finished off with scallion and a splash of coconut milk. Warm up from the inside out!

*Available in New York and Connecticut only.

Three Bean Chili

Three Bean Chili

It’s back! Made with a trio of hearty beans – pinto, red chili and black beans – and topped with creamy avocado mash, scallion and crunchy radish, this soup is truly a winter meal.

*Not available in California.

– Lunch – 

Winter Bakers Lunch

Baker’s Lunch

If you’ve been enjoying the baker’s lunch these past seasons, not to worry – this season’s version brings back three bean chili and pairs it with a half avocado toast and a marinated kale salad. Try your toast on our organic, gluten-free super-seed bread for a protein packed power lunch.

Chicken Melt

Chicken & Smoked Mozzarella Melt  

Melt away any winter blues with this satisfying tartine, toasted until golden brown and bubbly. Tomato salsa, arugula and basil oil accompany chicken and smoked mozzarella on whole wheat sourdough.

Winter Grain Bowl

Warm Winter Grain Bowl

Grains mingle with veggies and other energy-boosting ingredients in this delicious bowl, which loads roasted broccoli and sweet potato with spiced pumpkin seeds, goat cheese, pomegranate seeds, kale and arugula atop a bed of quinoa and chewy, luxurious heirloom black rice. Dressed simply with organic olive oil and lemon juice.

*Served vegan with goat cheese option in California.

– Dessert –

Chocolate Mousse

Belgian Dark Chocolate Mousse

A little dark chocolate won’t spoil your new year’s resolutions – especially in the form of this delicious mousse, topped with fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate. The best things in life are often simple – and a little Belgian chocolate goes a long way.