The arrival of a new year often brings out all kinds of ideas, goals and creativity in us. The question is, how do you effectively channel this new-found energy into actual productivity?

From East Coast to West, our tables are always filled with people studying, working or reading, embracing that idea of the “second office”. It just so happens that the restaurant environment is an ideal place for doing some of your best thinking! With that in mind, we’ve rounded up our best tips to make your LPQ work sessions even more productive this year.

#1 Feed Your Brain

Nothing kills productivity like a growling stomach, but you’ve come to the right place. When you’re working, it’s important to make good snacking decisions. Sugar crashes, caffeine benders – we’ve all been there. Spring for options that will not only keep you satiated, but will also sustain your energy (and brainpower).

Here’s what we recommend:

  • Organic Coconut & Chia Pudding. The Aztecs called chia seeds the “running food,” which gives you an idea of the kind of endurance these little seeds are known for. Protein, fiber and omega-3s come together to bring long-lasting fuel, plus a little raspberry compote and coconut milk will satisfy your sweet tooth.Via Instagram @dcfoodpornPhoto by @dcfoodporn
  • Organic Banana Crunola®. Fiber-rich (read: filling) raw buckwheat granola pairs with coconut-cashew butter, banana and raspberry compote for an energy and brain-power boosting snack. In for a late night? Take some crunola home to whip up these easy energy bars or balls.
  • Smoked Salmon Tartine. Essential fatty acids have a lot of health benefits – including boosting brainpower.
  • Avocado Toast. Want those omegas but in vegan form? Opt for Avocado Toast. Our whole wheat or gluten-free breads will also help you get a steady stream of energy rather than crashing.
Avocado Toast @chelsias

Photo by @chelsias

#2 Drink Up

Whether it’s coffee or green tea that keeps you going, try ordering it iced as opposed to hot, as sipping something cold can help keep you alert. If you do go for coffee, balance each cup with plenty of water. Since coffee is a diuretic, it can dehydrate you fast – bad for thinking clearly!


Photo by @vic_twah


#3 Embrace White Noise

Productivity means pairing the right fuel with the right environment. There’s a reason why our tables are a favorite working spot – turns out, according to research, having some ambient noise can actually boost creativity. The hum of a restaurant environment provides just enough distraction to keep you from getting too stuck inside your own head, allowing you to think more abstractly. Come on in and let the ideas flow!


Photo by @chishmalata

#4 Take A Break

When you’re hitting a wall, don’t power through – take a break! Take a moment to savor your meal, stretch your legs, or even strike up a chat with someone across the communal table – you will both feel more refreshed!