How do you take your coffee? Chances are you have a go-to order you rely on to get you through those busy mornings. But on National Coffee Day September 29, why not switch it up?

We’ve put together a guide to our favorite coffee drinks. All you need to do is choose!

What Starts With A Bean…

A little backstory – no matter the drink, good coffee starts with good coffee beans. We source only the best from the tropical highlands of Peru’s Villa Rica valley, where our coffee is organically farmed and shade grown beneath the valley’s natural canopy of trees. The rainforest’s elevation seals in great flavor – at 4,000 feet, the beans take on notes of vanilla, citrus, chocolate and nuts. At 6,000 feet, flavors of wine as well as fruity and floral notes kick in!

Batch by batch, we roast our beans into our rich, aromatic Café Maison. What happens next is up to you!

Order Up!

What will it be? Here are our picks…

Pot Of Coffee

Pot of Coffee

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You can’t go wrong with a simple cup of coffee, whether you take it black or with milk. Come share a pot over breakfast with a friend – or order for yourself and stay awhile while you catch up on work!


Put an extra kick in your cup with an Americano, which combines shots of espresso with filtered hot water.



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No time for nonsense this morning? Hold the hot water and get straight to business with a bold shot of pure espresso.


Via Instagram @itsmepoliss

Via Instagram @itsmepoliss

If you’re looking for the perfect creamy complement to a morning breakfast pastry, a cappuccino will do the trick. A layer of foamy milk tops off a shot of espresso, balancing bitter and smooth flavors.



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For an even creamier flavor, go for a latte. Unlike a cappuccino, a latte isn’t just topped with foamed milk – the underlying shot of espresso is added into steamed milk as well.



Have your coffee and hot chocolate too – a mocha is the best of both worlds. Like a latte, a mocha is made with espresso and hot milk – with the addition of silky, sweet chocolate, of course!

Café Au Lait

If espresso’s too strong, a Café Au Lait may be the answer. Really just a fancy way of ordering coffee with hot milk, café au lait uses traditionally brewed coffee rather than espresso as a base.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew Coffee

If you live somewhere warm – or if you simply won’t let the cooler weather stand between you and your iced coffee – try cold brew, which is steeped for hours in cold water for a whole new taste and texture.


Need more coffee? Grab a bag from our pantry to enjoy at home!