Hot coffee is pretty much a no-go in the hot and humid summer months, which is why cold brew is our go-to coffee fix. This is not your average iced coffee – but thankfully, all a good brew takes is a little patience!

How we brew it

Whereas iced coffee really just means hot coffee that’s been cooled down, cold brew is made without hot water, period. Rather, coffee grounds – about twice as many as in traditional hot brew – are steeped in cold, filtered water before they’re filtered out and the coffee’s ready to pour.

How do we brew it? We start with organic, 100% Arabica Peruvian coffee grounds (which started as the hand-harvested, single-origin coffee cherries of shade grown, Villa Rica jungle coffee bushes, but more on that here). We cold-steep for 8 hours, giving time for our coffee’s more subtle, chocolate notes – flavors you don’t get with heat brewing – to fuse through.

All that extra steep time adds up to a much bolder, heavily concentrated cup, which we serve over ice.

The more you know

In hot brewing, hot water pulls acid from the grinds into the liquid, giving black coffee its signature acidic, bitter taste. This isn’t the case with cold brew – without hot water, less acid gets extracted from the grinds into the coffee, making for a brew that’s about 65% less acidic than standard hot or iced coffee (and a whole lot easier on the stomach).

Cold water, in fact, seems to have the opposite interaction with the grounds, bringing out more of the beans’ subtle sweetness to lend the final drink a smoother taste.

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for new flavor or in dire need of a non-watered down, summertime punch of caffeine, cold brew just might be be your new go-to.



Grab some grounds and whip up a home brew, or stop in to see how we brew it – we’ll be sipping cold brew until the last leaves change!