While we may have bid summer adieu, don’t think you have to say goodbye to your sunkissed glow. Avocado’s superfood capabilities will let you maintain your glow year round – not to mention offer a slew of other health and beauty benefits!

The Good Fat 

Forget what you’ve heard about avocados being high in fat and calories. The fruit – technically considered a large berry – offers pure monounsaturated fat. This kind of fat is:

  • good for your heart
  • helps maintain low cholesterol
  • appetite-satiating

It also has moisturizing effects. When combined with avocado’s elastin and collagen-promoting Vitamin C, anti-aging and sun damage-reducing Vitamin E and bountiful antioxidants, it’s no wonder avocado is great for your skin!

Eat It Up

Because of all those health benefits – and a creamy taste we love – we incorporate avocado into all sorts of dishes! Find it sliced into salads like the Quinoa Taboulé, Grilled Chicken Cobb and Lentil & Avocado. Order up a side of avocado mash, or try it on tartines like our Avocado Toast, Smoked Salmon or Turkey & Avocado. 

At home, try slicing over salad or toast. For the perfect entertaining appetizer, why not mash up your own homemade guacamole? Add diced tomatoes and onions, lemon juice, cilantro and salt and pepper to taste.

Green Goddess

Of course, toast isn’t the only place to add avocado. If you find yourself with avocado to spare, make use of it outside the kitchen in an at-home beauty treatment. Whisk with honey and olive oil. For a hair mask, mix in an egg yolk; for a rejuvenating face mask, add in lemon juice and egg whites.


What’s your favorite use? Comment below!