6 Creative Breakfast (Or Anytime) Toasts



Ricotta + berry

  • ricotta
  • berries
  • honey
  • bee pollen
  • sea salt

Fig jam + goat cheese

Greek yogurt + salmon

  • plain greek yogurt
  • smoked salmon
  • red onion
  • dill sprig
  • olive oil

Harissa + egg

Noisella + fruit

Almond butter + apple


In honor of the NYC-wide launch of our Organic Super Seed Gluten Free Bread, we've come up with some fun ways to take full advantage of this hearty and flavorful bread. Of course, all of these toasts would be equally delicious on our Organic Whole Wheat as well!

Come September, it’s easy to revert back to tired routines. Convenience comes first as the leisure of summer makes way for the busy hum of fall mornings. But a need for ease doesn’t necessarily mean sacrificing creativity and stellar taste in the kitchen. Here, we’ve imagined six different delicious, energy-boosting toasts that won’t take more than 5-10 minutes out of your day. Try your hand at them during these last few days of summer – we guarantee that they will become a staple in your breakfast rotation this autumn.

Ricotta, berries, honey, sea salt and bee pollen

Berry Ricotta Bee Pollen Toast

Bee pollen? This highly bioactive source of multi-vitamins, minerals, carotenoids, bioflavonoids, phytosterols, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes adds a natural boost to this light, tart toast. This combination of flavors is unexpected but lovely – a favorite recipe from our Bryant Park Kiosk menu!

Fig jam, goat cheese & walnut

Goat Cheese Fig Toast

This combination feels totally decadent, but is packed with protein and omega-3 fatty acids courtesy of the cheese and walnuts. The fig jam adds the perfect sweet touch to make this toast morning-friendly, but we also love this combo as an hors d’oeuvre on slices of our baguette.

Greek yogurt, smoked salmon, red onion, dill and olive oil

Salmon Toast

Put a healthy twist on a classic lox breakfast.  Potassium, probiotics and protein from the yogurt give it a leg up on cream cheese, and salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids.

Hummus, soft-boiled egg, harissa, olive oil & scallions

Egg Hummus Harissa Toast

This power-packed recipe is filling enough for breakfast, lunch or even dinner. Much more interesting than your standard egg sandwich, harissa (a Tunisian chili paste) mixed with olive oil adds a spicy kick that works for any time of day.

Noisella, kiwi, strawberry & chia

Strawberry Noisella Toast

Chocolate-hazelnut spread and strawberries are a tried-and-true formula that no one can argue with. We experimented with kiwis – packed with vitamin C – to mix up the fruit flavor and loved the result. Sprinkle chia seeds for a healthy punch and this sweet toast is a winner for picky kids and discerning adults alike.

Almond butter, apple, maple syrup & cinnamon

Almond Butter Toast

Hearty, nutty and autumnal, this toast delivers all of the protein and benefits of superfood almonds (and would also work beautifully with peanut or any other nut butter that you prefer). The oft-overlooked apple – a proven liver detoxifier and immune booster – along with metabolism-kicking cinnamon make this an effortlessly healthy recipe that you can make with the items you probably already have in your pantry.

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6 Creative Breakfast (Or Anytime) Toast Recipes

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