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Le Pain Quotidien – Allergen Statement

Here at Le Pain Quotidien, we take allergens extremely seriously and do everything we can to accommodate guests who have any allergies or intolerances to foodstuffs. Our guests should always advise their server of any special dietary requirements and where possible our staff will advise guests on alternative dishes or ingredients.

The allergen information provided should not be considered as any form of guarantee but as a best effort to provide the guest with known allergens contained within our dishes.

While we do our best to control & reduce the risk of allergen cross-contamination in our restaurants, we cannot guarantee that any of our freshly prepared dishes are completely free from allergens due to the restaurants’ open environment and processes. Therefore we cannot accept any liability in this respect.

Guests should use information provided to help assess their own level of risk, based on their personal circumstances, before eating any of our dishes. Guests with severe allergies are advised to assess their own level of risk and consume dishes at their own risk.

Full allergen and dietary information for all our dishes can be requested in store or found on our website: www.lepainquotidien.co.uk .