11 Things You Didn't Know About Belgium

You might not know this, but Brussels, Belgium is our hometown. Our story began in 1990 when Alain Coumont opened his doors on rue Antoine Dansaert with the mission of serving the best handmade bread in town.

We’re proud of our heritage and celebrate it in honor of our 25th anniversary – and Belgian National Day is on July 21st. Here’s to the land we call home!


Grand Place / Grote Markt 

Surrounded by ornate guildhalls, the central square of Brussels, the Grand Place (or Grote Markt in Dutch), is one of 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites in Belgium.

Le Brood Quotidien

Belgium doesn’t have its own one language. Flanders in the north speaks Dutch, Wallonia in the south speaks French and a tiny part in the east speaks German. That’s quite a few languages for a country the size of Maryland!


Who could forget one of Belgium’s most famous products – chocolate! Over 220,000 tons are produced yearly, but Belgians aren’t keeping that all for themselves – the world’s biggest selling point is the Brussels International Airport.


Long before speculoos spread was invented in 2007, Belgians often put speculoos cookies directly on their tartines. Make it easy, grab some Organic speculoos spread from our pantry!

Wafels / Gaufres / Waffels

You probably know waffles are popular among Belgians. What you may not know is that there are two main types: the Brussels waffle (otherwise known as the Belgian waffle) and the pearl-sugar filled Liège style (find the recipe for ours here).

Sax Facts

Belgian history goes beyond food – in the early 1840s, Belgian musician Adolphe Sax invented the saxophone, an instrument joining the qualities of woodwind and brass.


Since the 16th century, Antwerp, Belgium has been the world’s diamond capital – 80% of all rough diamonds pass through a four block district!


You probably associate good beer with Belgium. On average, a Belgian drinks an average 150 liters each year – understandable given the 1,000+ varieties and 150 breweries Belgium offers!


Never mind the name French fries – “frites” are a Belgian treat through and through. And, as any local will tell you, they’re tastiest when eaten with mayonnaise.


There are more castles per square kilometer in Belgium than in any other country in the world. Some regions average two per village.

Comic Artists

Belgium also has more comic book makers per square kilometer than any other country. Among them is Belgian illustrator Adrien Noterdaem, who created our own comic series!

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