Enjoy The Holiday Season

Enjoy The Holiday Season

Discover our Christmas Treats

Holiday season is coming, and we all need a moment of joy, kindness and pure indulgence to end this rollercoaster year. So, decorate you Christmas Tree, turn on your light garlands, enjoy small moments with your family, our pastry Chefs are baking a farandole of tasty sweet treats! Our Christmas bûches are already available in our stores in Paris and you can pre-order yours by calling your favorite LPQ store.

Paris-Brest and Chocolate Bûchette

A chocolate mousse cube glazed with a dark chocolate sauce and a chou pastry decorated with roasted hazelnuts and filled with a Paris-Brest praliné cream on a crunchy chocolate biscuit. individual

Mango, Coco and Passion Fruit Bûche

Under a roasted coconut coat is hidden a coconut biscuit, a vanilla panna cotta cream with an exotic compote of mango and fruit passion at heart. It feels like summer again! For 4 persons

Forêt Noire Bûche

An exquisite bûche inspired by the renowned German Cake. Its dark chocolate coat unveils a chocolate sponge cake, a subtil light vanilla cream and a cherry compote heart. For 4 persons, alcohol-free