Our Winter Suggestions!

Our Winter Suggestions!

The cool weather is here, which means it’s time to take our winter coats out of storage, prepare to snuggle down with a good book or movie and gather around the table for hearty, warm comfort food. Our winter suggestions are here to give you a welcome boost this change of season, without weighting you down. We have added a cool-weather twist to last season’s suggestions and added a few new dishes for you to re-charge in preparation for the long winter head!

Tartine d’Antan

This winter, try on purple for a change – purple cabbage. Cabbage is often associated with diets because of its low calorie content, but that is only one of its beneficial characteristics. It’s also anti-carcinogenic, heart-healthy and has a low glycaemic index to help you age well! This makes it your ideal companion this winter. Try it in our newest Tartine combined it with heritage carrots, avocado and hummus for a full and healthy meal.

Chili Sin Carne

This season, try our vegetarian version of this iconic Texan dish. It’s full of kidney beans, tomatoes, onions, carrots and spices simmered together until the flavours are irresistibly blended. Tasty, warm and rich in protein, this great Texan classic will delight everyone – vegetarian or not!


In July, we launched the summer version of our Flowerola bowl, which we hope you’ve already had the chance to enjoy. In case you haven’t tried it yet: this ultra-colourful, vitamin-rich bowl is topped with rice, lavender, a variety of beetroot called Flowerola and sprinkles of dark Belgian chocolate over a bed of creamy coconut and almond yoghurt. This winter our Flowerola is topped with the star of winter: antioxidant rich, deliciously sweet grapes.

Uniquely Belgian, organic and gluten-free, Flowerola has become a favourite breakfast of our customers – and we hope it will be yours too!

Breakfast Bowl

Do you prefer savoury breakfasts? Then this all-in-one dish full of vegetables, cereals and legumes will become your new healthy morning addiction. We let the simplicity of its ingredients shine: scrambled eggs, red cabbage, sliced avocado and barley. Refuel with this nutritious breakfast bowl and say goodbye to your morning hunger.

Ancient Grains Bowl

The recipe for an energy-boosting winter? Our Ancient Grains Bowl, full of brightly-colored vegetables, ancient grains and hearty hummus.

Granola Parfait with Fruit Salad

We believe in eating fruits and vegetables when they’re in season, which is when they’re richest in vitamins and minerals. This winter our Granola Parfait with Fruit Salad has been given a colourful autumn coat, featuring seasonal grapes and tangerines.

Beetroot Juice

Juices are one of the best ways of getting a maximum amount of nutrients without putting strain on the digestive system. They help boost your energy, while providing you with your daily dose of antioxidants. This season, what could be better than beetroot and ginger juice? Earthy yet refreshing, this wintery juice is just the drink to energize you.

Autumn Crumble

There’s no better remedy if you need some sweet comfort when temperatures drop than a crumble. This season, our rustic apple and pear crumble is the perfect pick-me-up.


We challenge you to find someone who can resist the temptation of a plate of profiteroles! A marvellous combination of fresh whipped cream, sweet chocolate and light, fluffy choux pastry, they are just the dessert to brighten a cold winter day. So give in to the temptation of this delicious treat – you have our permission!