Spring into the Season with Fresh Specials

Spring into the Season with Fresh Specials

As Spring melts away what’s left of winter, we welcome back green plants, blue skies and an extra hour of sunlight. Our favorite season inspires us to pour the love we feel from the Earth into our dishes (hello superfoods!). We take pleasure in creating plant-inspired, nourishing dishes for you to enjoy with friends and family. Come celebrate the arrival of Spring with us and taste them for yourself.

Scrambled Eggs Toast

As each day brings us a step closer to Spring, our days are longer and our mornings are brighter. All the reason to start your day with our Scrambled Eggs Toast, our newest energy-boosting, protein-packed tartine. If you’re like us and dream about eating tartines all day long, this toast is for you.

Crunola Banana Split

We put a healthy, fresh twist on everyone’s favorite, the Banana Split, with this energizing breakfast dish by topping coconut yogurt with our signature Crunola®. What is Crunola®, you ask? This vegan, gluten-free mix gets its name from the French word for raw, ‘cru,’ combined with the name for its baked counterpart, ‘granola.’ It’s the perfect blend of raw buckwheat groats, heart-healthy almonds, raw flax, sunflower and Austrian pumpkin seeds, sweet Thompson raisins and tangy, antioxidant-rich Gogi berries.

Avocado Superseeds Salad

This power-packed salad brings you the balance your body has been craving. Our delightful blend of sunflower, pumpkin, flax and chia seeds delivers impressive amounts of protein and fatty acids that are essential to our diets. Plus, they also deliver a unexpected flavor and crunch with every bite. Combined with Spring greens, zucchini, fennel and blueberries with a drizzle of our basil oil vinaigrette, this salad will solve all of your what-to-eat-for-lunch concerns.

Vegan Sharing Platter

Longer days call for more time catching up with friends and colleagues over a refreshing glass of wine, of course, bites to share. Our vegan sharing plate, complete with homemade guacamole, organic hummus and beetroot caviar, will satisfy all your afternoon cravings without any of the guilt.


This organic anti-inflammatory fermented beverage is everything you need to feel your best this Spring. Kombucha has quite the reputation for boosting the immune system, aiding with digestion and even containing naturally occurring Glucosamine, which helps keep your joints healthy. Combined with Spirulina & mint, this refreshing drink tastes exactly how spring feels: delightful!

Carrot Smile Shot

Brighten your day with this energy-boosting power combo of carrot, mango and ginger juices. Full of Vitamin K, Potassium and antioxidants, carrots and mango help lower cholesterol, aid digestion and support eye health, while ginger supports a healthy immune system and adds a much-welcome spicy kick. Consider your senses

Berry Pavlova

Lo and behold the controversial yet delicious Pavlova, which gets its name from the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. Each sweet, crispy bite tells a story about the long standing feud over where this meringue-based dessert originated, with New Zealand and Australia both claim to be the creators. Regardless of origin, we are happy to include this delicious berry version on our upcoming Spring menu!

Organic Iced Ginger Detox

Spring is all about renewal. With that in mind, we welcome back warmer days with our Organic Iced Ginger Detox, whose perfect balance of orange, ginger, lemon, honey and mint and just a splash of sparkling water will leave you feeling refreshed, recharged and renewed.