Alain’s Favorite Kitchen Tool

It’s no surprise that my favorite kitchen tool is the knife. I believe in good, uncomplicated fare, which often times only requires the simplest preparation of fresh ingredients – cutting, chopping, combining. Fresh ingredients sometimes only need a good knife to be prepared for consumption. This is where the need for a quality, multi-purpose knife comes in. Medium-sized, high quality.

My favorite knife is a basic, demi chef knife, which is usually about 10” in size or about 250mm. This is a medium sized knife, perfect for various types of food preparation from cutting meat, large fruits and vegetables to finely chopping shallots and herbs. If you’re putting together a wedding registry or you’re simply in the market for new, updated kitchen tools, a good knife should take priority. With its numerous uses, a quality demi chef knife is certainly worth the investment.

I suggest keeping your demi chef knife sharp using a round sharpening steel. When you’re preparing, be sure to use a sharpening steel frequently to maintain the knife’s sharpness and precision. You shouldn’t be able to see a space when the knife is flat to your cutting board. Your knife should be flat enough to chop parsley or other herbs finely. Also, try to keep your knife dry when you’re not using it to prevent rusting and corrosion. If you care for your knife properly, it will last you years!

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