Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Why celebrate Earth Day just once a year? At Le Pain Quotidien, we believe that every day should be Earth Day!

In honor of the official holiday, we’re sharing our tips on living a greener lifestyle today – and every day. Luckily for you, we are here to help you every step of the way.

  1. Choose organic. With over 150 organic ingredients on our menu and in our pantry, it’s easy!
  2. Reduce plastic bag waste by bringing a reusable bag when you shop. Sustainable, spacious and functional, our Jute Tote is perfect for the job.
  3. Save your coffee grounds and give your garden a boost. Did you know that coffee grounds are great for repelling garden pests and are high in nitrogen, making them an ideal natural fertilizer? Enjoy our Organic Peruvian coffee at home, then make your garden happy!
  4. Try eating a more plant-based diet. It’s better for you, and for the planet. Look out for the 100% Botanical carrot symbol on our menu, which makes finding vegan items easy.
  5. Save energy by switching your incandescent light bulbs to CFL or LED. We’ve been making the switch in our stores and have reduced lighting energy usage by 80%!
  6. Compost at home to reduce the amount of food waste going to landfills. Check out our Composting Tips article to learn about composting your kitchen scraps and how to get started!
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