The Le Pain Quotidien Coffee Experience - Le Pain Quotidien US

Traditionally, the coffee experience at Le Pain Quotidien has focused on two key elements:

  1. We serve an excellent product consistently.
  2. We create an inviting and friendly experience.

Our teams have outdone themselves on the experience side and now, we’re doing our part to bring you an improved product that meets the high flavor and quality standards we set for ourselves. In the journey to cultivate our own proprietary blend of coffee, we have decided to make a temporary, flavorful transition from the beans we currently use.

We are proud to introduce to you our three new locally produced blends. Beginning this month, we will be serving FLATIRON for our espresso and JUMPSTART for our brewed coffee. We will also be serving a DECAF. Though this coffee is not certified organic, it is derived from high quality arabica beans that are organically farmed.
Our FLATIRON blend is sweet, velvety and rich with chocolate, a balanced espresso that hails from Brazil and Colombia. It shines in milk-based drinks, but it’s always the star of the show. We have full confidence this blend is approachable and and has a nice body, even without anything added to your cup.

Our JUMPSTART is a blend of Latin American coffees with rich flavor. Full bodied with a caramel sweetness and notes of Jordan almond and poached pear, this blend is an excellent introduction into the world of specialty coffee. Jumpstart is full-bodied, smooth and rounded and holds up beautifully with milk.

Our new blends are fresh, ethically sourced, expertly roasted and well-balanced. This is the first step in building and developing a coffee experience that we believe in. We hope you’ll notice a strong new flavor profile and we look forward to hearing what you think.

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