Tasty and nutritious: our “Better Choices”!

Your well-being is our priority. That’s why we want you to enjoy delicious and healthy dishes with us. From now on, you can do this consciously with our “Better Choices”.

The perfect combination of pleasure and health

We collaborate with a recognized nutritionist, Lut Van Lierde. She recommended the Planetary Health Diet, a scientifically based nutritional framework developed by 37 scientists from 16 different countries.

“Just like at Le Pain Quotidien, health and sustainability go hand in hand with the Planetary Health Diet. What was particularly important for me: it doesn’t exclude anything but sets limits per food group. Everything is allowed, but always in a balanced way,” – according to Lut.

Based on the guidelines of the Planetary Health Diet, Lut established 6 criteria for our menu.

Thanks to these criteria, you can enjoy dishes full of flavour and nutritious ingredients with us in complete confidence. By eating healthy, you feel good. You have much more energy, you move more, and you sleep better. Want to know more about the positive impact of a healthy dish? Read it in this blog.

How to understand the nutritional information?

Our nutritionist Lut delved into our menu and conducted a complete nutritional analysis. For each dish, she calculated which “Better Choices” criteria it meets.

Dishes that respect at least 5 of the 6 nutritional criteria are our “Better Choices”.

Our spring menu includes 12 “Better Choices”. These can be recognized in the menu by the “Better Choices” symbol placed before the name of the dish.


Our “Better Choices” criteria in practice

For our spring menu, we specially put together a salad – the Better Choice Salad (sprouted rye bread served with a mix of sprouts, parsley, lemon, a can of sardines with olive oil) – which meets all 6 criteria:

Fibers (> 7 g) 17 g
Fruit & Vegetables (> 80 g) 257 g
Nuts & Seeds (> 5 g) 10g
Plant sourced Protein (> 50%) 64%
Added sugars (<10E% cal.) 0%
Unsaturated oils (<10E% cal.) 7%
Better Choices score 6/6


Did you make a choice that isn’t a “Better Choice”? Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean your dish is bad or unhealthy. When we create a dish, we always try to consider one or more criteria.

Do you want more information about what’s on your plate? Curious if your choice is a “Better Choice”? Download our nutritional overview per dish.

Good news! Opting for a “Better Choice” also earns you 5 extra points in our Tartine Club loyalty programme.

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