FAQ Tartine Club Netherlands

Most commonly asked questions about our Tartine Club.

Most commonly asked questions about our Tartine Club. 

Do you have a question about our loyalty programme, Tartine Club? Have a look at our most commonly asked questions and answers below. If you need help you can contact us at tartine-club@nl.lepainquotidien.com 


What is the Tartine Club? 

The Tartine Club is our loyalty programme named after our signature Tartines. As a member you’ll collect points on everything you buy in our participating restaurants and those points can be redeemed for delicious rewards. 


How does it work? 

Become a member – Sign up via our website here or via our app (from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store) You can also ask one of our hosts to register you at the till. 

Collect points for every purchase you make in our participating bakeries. 

Show your member ID. 

Get rewarded – Redeem your points for delicious rewards and enjoy other benefits like a gift on your birthday.


Where can I collect and redeem points?
In all Le Pain Quotidien restaurants in the Netherlands.  


How can I collect points? 

You can collect points by identifying yourself before checking out. You’ll receive one point for each euro spent. Before payment, share your member ID or phone number and you’ll receive points for your purchase. 


Where can I see how many points I have collected? 

You can check your point balance in the app, on our website or on your digital loyalty card. 


How can I identify myself at the checkout? 

  • Show your member ID that’s available in the app and on our website 
  • Or show your member ID on your digital loyalty card that you have saved in your wallet app
  • Or give the host your phone number

Where can I download my digital loyalty card? 

Log in right over here by entering your phone number. You’ll find a link to download your digital loyalty card.

How do I use my points? 

You can redeem your points for vouchers for our products. You can do this in the app, on our website or ask a host in our bakery. 


How can I get my rewards? 

After redeeming your points for a voucher, the voucher will be available in your loyalty account. When you identify yourself in our bakery with your member ID, the host sees the vouchers you have available in your account on the till. Tell them which voucher you’d like to redeem and they will do that for you. 

Do I need a Dutch phone number to sign up? 

Our loyalty programme is tailored to each country. However, it’s possible to use a non-Dutch phone number.  

Do my points expire? 

Yes, your collected points will expire after 1 year. We’ll apply the oldest points when you’re redeeming them.


Do my rewards or vouchers expire? 

Yes, for each reward you earn or receive an expiration date is set. You can find this date in your app under ‘vouchers’. 

I forgot to identify myself before I paid my order. Can I still get points? 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to collect points from a previous purchase. Don’t forget to identify yourself for every purchase to not miss out on any points. 

Discover our Terms & Conditions of the Tartine Club here.